Dana Irving works

Dana Irving

Vancouver, BC

Dana Irving currently lives and paints in Vancouver, BC. Having grown up amongst the natural habitats of northern British Columbia hunting, fishing, canoeing and hiking, she has always been heavily influenced by nature. . Drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Dana finds inspiration in the quiet grandeur of the rainforest.  Her travels and work experience have taken her to the tops of mountains in the Kootenays, to the frozen prairies in northern Alberta, to the Rocky Mountains and across Canada to Ontario and Quebec. 

Dana’s  four years of fine arts education includes Classical painting and life drawing, Chinese brushwork, Interior Design, Graphic Design and photography. Influenced by the painters of the 1930’s including Canada’s own “Group of Seven”, Dana’s unique style has been described as “Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss”.

“There is such a joy, for an artist, to connect with your audience in any art form. For me as a painter, to interpret the inspiring beauty of the Canadian landscape and present it in my own unique language is enjoyable in itself, but to connect with the viewer in that same language is a thrill beyond measure. What a privilege it is.”