Joshua Wallace works

Joshua Wallace

Vernon, BC

Joshua Wallace, just 24 years old, is a self-taught painter from Vernon, currently in his second year of a fine arts degree in Victoria. Remarkably, he didn’t pick up a brush until he was 16 when his high school art teacher noticed his skill in drawing and encouraged him to start working on canvas. In just eight years he has pushed his skillset to that of a first-rate talent combining excellent colour, composition, brushwork, and vision.

Of course, this is just the beginning of his career. Encouraged to find his own path as an artist, Joshua paints what he would want on his own walls which frees him up to explore and experiment with different techniques and mediums, often combining acrylic and oil in the same painting as a piece evolves. Being self-taught requires a drive and motivation rarely seen in someone so young, and we’re excited to be part of his journey ahead.

“After having become more comfortable with portraiture, I began broadening my painting to other subjects such as landscape. First inspired by my high-school teacher Brian Monteith's acrylic landscapes, then slowly onto the Group of Seven's traditional post impressionist oil landscapes.”