Ken Gillespie & Robyn Lake
August 2, 2018 - August 16, 2018





The Hambleton Galleries are very proud to announce our 2018 summer show featuring legendary Okanagan artists Ken Gillespie and Robyn Lake! Please join us on August 2nd for an evening of incredible art from two of the best painters this valley has ever seen. Doors open from 5:30-8pm, free entry.

Ken Gillespie:
Ken was born in Vancouver in 1948 and spent most of his life in Calgary until moving to the Okanagan in 2000. He has been a full time professional artist for over 20 years and is known for his oil and acrylic landscapes, done in a loose and colourful impressionist style, which are instantly recognizable. Ken is a senior signature member (SFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists, of which there are only 81 in Canada-wide, and has had over 40 solo shows in art galleries across the country. 

Robyn Lake:
Robyn was born in Cairns, Australia and came to Canada in 1976. She moved to the Okanagan in 1991 where she loves to paint outside, varying her subject matter from intimate close up views of flowers and fruit to panoramic views of the landscape. Her luscious paintings reflect her intense love of the land, and her vibrant colours express her emotional response to her subject matter. Robyn’s oil and acrylic paintings have been in numerous solo and group exhibitions and are in collections around the globe.



Gulf Islands Sunset by Ken Gillespie
Gulf Islands Sunset
Ken Gillespie

24 " x 48 "
(CAN) $2,880
Moraine Lake by Ken Gillespie
Moraine Lake
Ken Gillespie

48 " x 30 "
(CAN) $3,460
O'Hara Reflections by Ken Gillespie
O'Hara Reflections
Ken Gillespie

24 " x 18 "
(CAN) $1,260
Okanagan Evening Light by Ken Gillespie
Okanagan Evening Light
Ken Gillespie

30 " x 48 "
(CAN) $3,460
Vaseaux Lake Evening by Ken Gillespie
Vaseaux Lake Evening
Ken Gillespie

24 " x 30 "
(CAN) $2,030
A New Day, Big White by Robyn Lake
A New Day, Big White
Robyn Lake

18 " x 24 "
(CAN) $1,075
Balsam Root by Robyn Lake
Balsam Root
Robyn Lake

7 " x 9 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $350
Evening Gold by Robyn Lake
Evening Gold
Robyn Lake

40 " x 60 "
(CAN) $5,000
Lake Oesa Morning by Robyn Lake
Lake Oesa Morning
Robyn Lake

48 " x 36 "
(CAN) $3,675
Late Afternoon, Bench by Robyn Lake
Late Afternoon, Bench
Robyn Lake

16 " x 24 "
(CAN) $975
Morning in Paradise 2 by Robyn Lake
Morning in Paradise 2
Robyn Lake

24 " x 48 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $2,500