Perry Haddock Solo Show
October 4, 2018 - October 18, 2018




We are thrilled to welcome Perry Haddock to the Hambleton Galleries on October 4th from 5:30-8pm for his first Okanagan solo art show, featuring all new works of Okanagan and West Coast scenes in Perry's distinct and beautiful style.



“Perry Haddock is a Canadian artist from the south coast  of British Columbia, near Vancouver. His paintings reveal his West Coast roots and his love of the coastal images near his home. Painting primarily in acrylic and watercolour, Perry's impressionistic style is the result of his keen observation of the colours and textures of nature, and his efforts to record his impressions in broad strokes. Many of his paintings are developed from sketches or studies done on site, and his fondest painting experiences are those en plein air.


Now retired from a career as fine arts teacher and school counsellor, Perry has taken the opportunity to add travelling to his agenda, and has discovered new subjects and experiences to add to his palette, ranging from Italian coastal bays to Paris rooftops and Newfoundland meadows.


Perry is a Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA), and is an active member of Landscape Artists International and the B.C. Art Teachers' Association.”



Autumn Reverie by Perry Haddock
Autumn Reverie
Perry Haddock

48 " x 30 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $3,400
Boulders and Blossoms by Perry Haddock
Boulders and Blossoms
Perry Haddock

40 " x 60 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $5,375
Cloud Ballet by Perry Haddock
Cloud Ballet
Perry Haddock

30 " x 24 "
(CAN) $2,280
Coastal Sentinels by Perry Haddock
Coastal Sentinels
Perry Haddock

24 " x 30 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $1,950
Dry Creek Refrain by Perry Haddock
Dry Creek Refrain
Perry Haddock

30 " x 24 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $1,950
Goin' Nowhere by Perry Haddock
Goin' Nowhere
Perry Haddock

24 " x 24 "
(CAN) $2,200
Halfway to the Meadows by Perry Haddock
Halfway to the Meadows
Perry Haddock

36 " x 48 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $3,895
Hold Fast to Dreams by Perry Haddock
Hold Fast to Dreams
Perry Haddock

36 " x 48 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $3,895
Into the Light by Perry Haddock
Into the Light
Perry Haddock

18 " x 36 " x 1.5 "
(CAN) $1,890